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Tomáš Bača, CEO Green Light Solutions

When I founded a company called EYELEVEL in 2002, we never expected to become a team of over 500 people on 6 continents. Over the years, there came many moments when we lacked the tools we needed to get our job done quickly and efficiently. So we developed our own. GreenLight is the result of that experience. A product company built on real world productivity needs.

Tomáš Bača, CEO

Our products

Have you ever wondered why you can’t find lovable, simple productivity tools that don’t try to be everything to everyone? We know that feeling. We’d Love to Switch You On:


Sendit is a powerful but simple way to share and distribute large project files within a team, or among freelancers, project managers, and clients. SendIt is about more than file transfers: It’s about collaborative File Conversations.

File conversation

Don’t get trapped in a labyrinth of expired download links and old versions. Don’t lose track of your project files. Escape all that; SendIt like a Pro.

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All fast growing teams struggle to onboard and keep track of new members. TEAM helps your company to create digital profiles for all employees, so everyone can find and connect to everyone else.

Team app

Let your team connect on demand, without roadblocks and wasted time, and let HR focus on finding new talent.

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Your Value as a Developer Can’t be Measured in Billable Hours. Be a Whole-Solutions Architect with GreenLight.

About our developers

GreenLight developers don’t run out the clock. Our products are focused on productivity, and so are we. We don’t deliver until the work is done right, and we are valued according to how much we challenge ourselves, rather than how many hours we work (or waste) on a project.

Do you want to join a product company that values creative and skilled developers who are interested in quality over quantity? Do you want the recognition you’re owed for the work you do?

Let’s build something together. Get in touch today to put your skills to the test.

Open positions

JavaScript Fullstack developer (Node.js) in Prague

Interested in being at almost the very beginning of a startup? We are currently expanding our dream team, which is creating awesome web apps. We are origin of EYELEVEL, so we sure know how to deliver beautiful and usable outputs.

We are looking for YOU if:

  • …you are able to write an API in Node.js on backend and visualize its outputs on frontend using React.js or Angular, HTML5, CSS
  • …you are the guy who is always up to date with how the web is evolving
  • …you are able to work with Git
  • …you are able to recognize bad code, because you don’t write it
  • …you have no fear of defining a new industry standard
  • …you have no fear of using industry standards
  • …you are willing to relocate to Prague

What benefits you’ll get upon joining us:

  • Work with top-notch industry professionals (and we really mean it) – our team consists of people who helped shaping the web as a whole (not just) in Central Europe, coming from leading industry brands
  • Work on ambitious projects, that have a long-term and well-thought out vision
  • Develop software the right way (we do things like proper market research, design studies, UX studies and UX testing; there is no hero overnight development)
  • You’ll be very well rewarded for the work
  • You’ll work in an inspiring environment
  • No timesheets
  • Besides software, you’ll be able to have a sneak peek on prototype and state-of-the-art hardware
  • 100 000 CZK bonus after successful 3 months trial period

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